AAA : Awesome Android Apps – Camera FV-5


Have you ever felt that your Android phone’s camera is too restrictive or has too few features? Or probably you miss your DSLR every time you use your smartphone to take a picture? Well, you don’t have to stick around with the stock camera as there are many 3rd party camera apps available. While most of the are aimed at simplicity or including as many styles as possible, there is one built specifically for bringing all those DSLR features on your smartphone.

Camera FV-5 by FGAE Studios is THE most feature-full camera app available for Android. With features ranging from manual exposure to shot bracketing and intervalometer you can use your DSLR skills on phone camera too to get some stunning shots.

The major features of this application are –

  • Ability to lock focus and exposure individually. Very useful for panoramas.
  • Exposure bracketing supporting up to 7 shots with difference of up to 0.07 EV for taking beautiful HDR images.
  • Long exposure support with 1, 2 and 5 seconds build in and custom timer available.
  • Intervalometer for taking time-lapse shots. Supports up to 9999 shots.
  • Set two independent points – one for focusing and other for metering.
  • Multiple focus modes including macro, infinite, continuous, touch to focus.
  • Multiple metering modes including grid, point, center and touch.
  • RAW support on supporting devices.
  • DSLR style viewfinder with summary of all parameters conveniently available.
  • Live histogram support including RGB and luminance support.
  • 9 different composition grids available.

Some screenshots of the app

Shot bracketing. Capturing 7 shots with a different of 0.5 EV in exposure –


Live histogram in RGB mode –


Independent reference points for focus and exposure. Green point is for focus and the white point is for exposure. Both can be placed independently –


Intervalometer, for taking time-lapse video. You can also combine this with HDR –


The most beautiful and probably the most powerful feature though, is the ability to all these features together in any way you want. Use intervalometer with shot bracketing for HDR time-lapse video. Combine that with exposure and white-balance lock to compensate for changing light scenarios. Or how about long exposure HDR? With Android Lollipop becoming more available and more mature its powerful camera features such as RAW support and full manual focusing and exposure are sure to come in this app too.

You can download the app from Google Play and visit the official website here. There is also a very detailed guide of the app on the official website.


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