AAA : Awesome Android Apps – Songify


Ever wanted to kick that boring, sad mood out of the group, or wanted to just have rib tickling laughter with no ideas in mind? If you answered ‘yes’ then Songify is the solution.

Songify is a cool app that converts almost any voice into a fun song. You simply record your voice into it and it instantly converts it into a song, applying music and beats to it. There are a variety of music choices to apply and the results are just amazing. And it’s not a dumb app like may others. It carefully extracts sentences from your voice and add them in perfect positions into the music. You won’t be listening to some random cheap effects.

The app is developed by smule can can be downloaded from GooglePlay or AppleStore.

Screenshot_2015-04-19-09-13-31   Screenshot_2015-04-19-09-13-49

Screenshot_2015-04-19-09-14-06   Screenshot_2015-04-19-09-13-41


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